The 25 Best Episodes Of Ghost Hunters Ranked


  • The Ghost Hunters team investigates various haunted locations, including jails, schools, colleges, and historic buildings, to uncover evidence of paranormal activity.
  • Notable episodes feature investigations at the Old Lake County Jail, Pocatello High School, Southern Vermont College, The Duff Green Mansion, The Garde Arts Center, Westerly Library, USS Yorktown, The Athenaeum, Pillars Estate, Galena Marine Hospital, Mark Twain House, and a haunted town in Alaska.
  • Viewers are intrigued by the compelling evidence of ghosts, hauntings, and unexplained phenomena found in these locations, leaving skeptics questioning their beliefs and paranormal enthusiasts with more proof to support their arguments.

Ghost Hunters sets out to explore ghosts, hauntings, unexplained phenomena, and spooky stories, but the best Ghost Hunters stories are the ones that often leave something itching in the viewer’s minds after the episode. People like to say they don’t believe in ghosts, but there are things that happen in these paranormal episodes that often shake the foundation of non-believers while giving fans of the paranormal more ammunition for their arguments. Ghost Hunters started airing on SyFy in 2004 and currently airs on Travel Channel, with 16 seasons and counting.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson lead their team of the Atlantic Paranormal Society as they investigate locations around the world that are reported to be haunted. Their investigations include famous locations, such as the hotel The Shining was based on and the site of the Titanic. It also includes many places that people might know little about, from old motels to lighthouses and prisons. There are accounts of hauntings and ghostly sightings all over the United States and shows like Ghost Hunters are never at a lack for new locations to explore and discover.

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25 Public Poltergeist Number 1

Season 11, Episode 7

The TAPS team goes to investigate the Old Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana, where notorious criminals were held, including John Dillinger. There have been reports of people being harassed in the halls, seeing orbs, and hearing voices. There are a lot of deaths and tragedies connected to the site. In the present day, it seems doors are opening on their own and prisoners are escaping, which leads the team to find out if there are ghosts aiding and abetting them. They also go to the My Old Kentucky home where 16 people died in 24 hours from cholera.

24 School Spirit

Season 12, Episode 1

School Spirit episode of Ghost Hunters.

Grant Wilson returns with a new team of investigators in season 12 as they travel to Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho, which is over a hundred years old. The principal of the school calls them in to help investigate odd paranormal activity in the halls. The principal is a skeptic and has dismissed the legends for years. However, he is now calling Ghost Hunters in after their security cameras captured unexplained electrical activity and an odd apparition appearing. This was a riveting episode to start season 12, especially as a one-time skeptic starts to see evidence along with the Ghost Hunters that finally makes him a believer.

23 Darker Learning

Season 10, Episode 10

This episode sees the TAPS team go to a haunted college, the Southern Vermont College in Bennington. The college is said to be haunted and the lore around the haunting involves the school’s founder’s wife having committed suicide after learning about his affair with their nanny. The nanny is also said to have hanged herself after the affair was discovered. The two are said to haunt the college through voices, orbs, and white mist that appear in the library. The team heads in and soon deduct there is a residual haunting in the college when they discover unexplained phenomena throughout their stay there.

22 You’ve Been Warned

Season 12, Episode 9

You've Been Warned episode of Ghost Hunters.

The TAPS team investigated The Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg, Mississippi, now a bed and breakfast, and interviewed owner Harry Sharp. Sharp claimed to have witnessed strange paranormal activity during his tenure at the establishment. Sharp calls in the Ghost Hunters to help him prove the activity as one of his good friends is looking to buy the property from him, and Sharp wants to properly warn her, even though she doesn’t believe in ghosts. They find evidence on night one, and they bring in new investigators for the second. They discover there is indeed paranormal activity around the house, but it is residual spirits that are likely not a danger.

21 Haunting Of The Garde

Season 11, Episode 11

The crew investigates The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. The building’s history reveals it was built on the site of the Thomas Wheeler Williams mansion, where five children passed away. Patrons and employees have reported seeing a ghostly little girl with a balloon. One worker even claims that when he fell off a ladder something he couldn’t see caught him. They’ve also reported full-body apparitions of somebody hunched over in a chair. As the owners prepared to renovate, they called in TAPS to make sure they weren’t disturbing any spirits in their modernization of the arts center.

20 Overdue For Death

Season 11, Episode 9

In season 11, TAPS investigated Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, a location that is close to home for the crew. The library had recently been given landmark status when the staff reported hearing footsteps, seeing objects move, and even seeing the apparition of a librarian who had recently passed away. The staff contacted TAPS to find out if the ghosts were malevolent or if it was safe for them to keep working there. The library was once used as a temporary morgue for the bodies found after a hurricane swept through the state.

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19 Haunted By Heroes

Season 8, Episode 10

Ship from Haunted by Heroes of Ghost Hunters.

TAPS sets out on a mission to help the crew of the USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina find out if the paranormal activity they are experiencing is from the souls of former Navy and Air Force members. If TAPS can help them find out who these fallen heroes are, then the current crew can do something to honor their memories.

With 141 men lost to the USS Yorktown over its history, it’s likely that at least some of the supernatural phenomena the crew experiences can be attributed to fallen comrades. This is one of the best Ghost Hunters episodes thanks to the naval ship making for a unique setting for a haunting.

18 Dancing With The Dead

Season 12, Episode 6

House from Dancing with the Dead episode of Ghost Hunters.

Season 12, episode 6 is one of the best episodes of Ghost Hunters due to the actions of the investigation potentially drawing out addtional spirits to those they’d been sent in to uncover. The crew visits The Athenaeum, a cultural center located in Indianapolis, Indiana that has stood for over 100 years. Mustafa discovers that Dr. Knabe, a female physician who died horrifically two blocks away from the building, is connected to the haunted location.

Many have reported seeing her ghost haunting the halls of the cultural center, but the TAPS team’s first night in the building is quiet. Grant decides to try a new tactic the crew has never used before to entice the ghost. However, the new strategy appeared to have also inadvertently called out the spirits of others who aren’t Dr. Knabe.

17 The Lady In The Window

Season 12, Episode 2

House from The Lady in the Window episode of Ghost Hunters.

The owner of the Pillars Estate in Albion, New York claims a great deal of spiritual activity is taking place on the grounds. The estate’s owner reports pianos playing on their own and seeing ghostly figures on the bed. Photos taken throughout the years have shown a mysterious woman in the house’s window. The TAPS team first tries to prove such photos can’t be real but has a hard time explaining some other creepy activity on the estate. Still, they managed to prove at least one photo was a fake.

16 Haunted Hospital

Season 13, Episode 6


The TAPS team investigates the Galena Marine Hospital, built in Illinois in 1857, which said to be deeply haunted due to the countless deaths within the facility’s walls. The hospital had been recently purchased when the episode aired in 2020. The new owner calls in the Ghost Hunters for help, as there have been claims of distressing paranormal activity in the building.

This is another moment where the team finds proof of the paranormal, from hearing heavy footsteps, seeing shadowy figures, and witnessing lighting anomalies. Hospitals make for great horror movie settings, and their inherent creepiness also makes this one of the best episodes of Ghost Hunters.

15 Mark Twain House

Season 5, Episode 23

Mark Twain House in Ghost Hunters.

The Ghost Hunters travel to Hartford, Connecticut, to explore the Mark Twain House. This was a mansion built by Sam Clemens in 1874 and was where Twain wrote Huckleberry Finn. It was also the home where Twain’s daughter Susy died from spinal meningitis, and there are rumors that the house remains haunted based on her death. The reports included apparitions of a young woman and children, loud noises, and even children laughing. While they didn’t find anything paranormal they could prove, it was a great look at an iconic home.

14 Alone In Alaska

Season 13, Episode 5

Ghost Hunters in Alone in Alaska.

The TAPS team traveled to Haines, Alaska to investigate the small town that many died in while searching for gold in the Klondike region in 1896 and 1899. There were deaths in the small town due to starvation, weather conditions, and more malicious violent conflicts. They stay at an old military outpost that was created to help stop the violence but has since been turned into a hotel. They arrive thanks to a call from a hotel employee and set out to become the first paranormal investigators to explore this haunted town.

13 Titanic Terror

Season 5, Episode 6

Ghost Hunters heading to the Titanic.

In the season 5 episode “Titanic Terror”, the Ghost Hunters team headed out to Atlanta, Georgia, to explore the Titanic exhibit while it was on display at the Georgia Aquarium. According to legend, the traveling exhibit brings paranormal activity at its every stop. When it was in Greece, people mentioned hearing voices and some thought there was a character actor dressed in black, where there was none.

The Georgia Aquarium staff even felt uneasy feelings and the TAPS team came in to investigate. While they didn’t make contact, they did gain some audio evidence that there was paranormal activity connected to the artifacts recovered from the notorious shipwreck. Like many of the best Ghost Hunters episodes, “Titanic Terror” is memorable for bringing to paranormal flavor to a well-documented historical event or location.

12 Hospital Horror

Season 12, Episode 11

Hospital Horror on Ghost Hunters.

Luke and Chelsea Dyer call the Ghost Hunters team in to help after they purchase the Worley Hospital in Texas. The cousins are planning to achieve their dream and open a bed and breakfast at the location, but they have to put their plans on hold when strange occurrences begin to happen, from the appearance of shadow figures to a paralyzing feeling of dread in some areas of the building.

This finale episode was a great note to end Ghost Hunters season 12 on. The team find what they believed were entities, though they failed to make contact initially. However, after deploying a thermal camera, they manage to interact with one of the spirits. This Ghost Hunters episode once again proves that hospitals make for some of the best and creepiest settings in the show.

11 Nightmare Camp

Season 13, Episode 4

Ghost Hunters Nightmare Camp.

The Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Northern Colorado has reported strange paranormal activity for years and the Ghost Hunters travel there to do the first official investigation into the activity. In 2020, the campers and staff are still experiencing odd occurrences, and it’s enough to get the TAPS team involved. What makes this episode so unique is that this is the first time a paranormal investigation team ever explored the site.

The episode starts strangely, since Grant sends the team in without him to start. By the time he shows up things are already getting out of control. “Nightmare Camp” is memorable for many reasons, but since the crew are the first to investigate the site and so in uncharted territory, the many tense moments rank among the best in Ghost Hunters so far.

10 Manor Of Mystery

Season 11, Episode 13

Jason, Grant, and guest investigators Rachel Nichols and Johnathan Sadowski visit the Rockwood Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. The museum’s director is concerned that an upcoming exhibit featuring pieces from the Victorian era will stir up the spirits from that time that reside in the museum. The exhibit’s specific connection with spiritualism is what brings about the director’s uneasiness. The shadows and voices seen and heard at the museum have alarmed so many that they’ve even called in police officers, who also claim to have witnessed the phenomena.

9 The Glenn Family Curse

Season 13, Episode 8

Glenn family curse on Ghost Hunters.

The local historical association’s president reaches out to the Ghost Hunters to investigate the haunted Glenn family home in Missouri as paranormal activity has heightened at the location. The Glenn family had a tragic past when the three Glenn infant children passed away and David Glenn, formerly a successful businessperson, became bankrupt after the deaths. Today, there are still spooky occurrences and paranormal activity taking place at the location, and Grant has to figure out if it is real. Lots of bumps and sounds perk up the attention, and this is one of the best Ghost Hunters episodes when it comes to genuine unexpected jump scares.

8 Unexplained Phenomena

Season 5, Episode 24

In the season 5 Ghost Hunters episode, “Unexplained Phenomena,” the TAPS team heads to the American Legion in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Their goal is to see if there are lingering spirits of veterans there. This American Legion was originally a farmhouse built in the 1700s and then was an apartment building. While the team was looking for ghosts of veterans, the haunting was mostly people saying they saw a woman in black by the fireplace and a man who stood behind the bar. There is also supposed to be a ghost on the third floor, so the TAPS team had a lot to investigate in this episode.

7 Proof Of Afterlife

Season 13, Episode 3

Proof of Afterlife on Ghost Hunters.

The TAPS team travels to Fort Stanton in New Mexico, a military outpost that was active in the 19th century but has since been turned into a historical landmark. There have been odd paranormal occurrences reported from the site since the 1940s. The Deputy Director of New Mexico historical sites has called in the Ghost Hunters to help because there have been more sightings of the paranormal, and they fear for the safety of the two guards who live on the land. With the shootouts from the past and the deaths of many people thanks to tuberculosis outbreaks, the team found plenty of evidence of paranormal activity in this secluded fort.

6 Distillery of Spirits

Season 7, Episode 23

Bobby Mackey’s Music World on Ghost Hunters.

The TAPS team heads out in this season 7 episode of Ghost Hunters to explore Buffalo Trace, in Frankfort, Kentucky, one of the oldest distilleries in America. The distillery opened in the 18th century, and the rumor is that the ghost of its original president, Colonel Blanton, is still roaming the halls. People claim to have seen a full-body apparition of a man and others say they hear footsteps and hear their name called out by unknown entities. This episode gets off to a great start because the team hears noises and footsteps immediately upon starting their investigation.

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