J-Novel Club Licenses Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Management of Novice Alchemist, 13 Other Titles – News

The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases novels, Butareba manga also licensed

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J-Novel Club announced during its Anime NYC panel on Friday that it has licensed the following titles:

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Title: Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) novels
Author: Riku Misora (story), Won (art)
Release Date: December 2023
Summary: In a world where people with supernatural powers, called Blazers, manifest their souls as weapons, Kurogane Ikki dreams of becoming a Mage-Knight. It’s too bad he has no natural talent for it. The whole school ridicules him as the
worst Blazer, so color everyone surprised when he suddenly defeats Stella Vermillion, a Rank A Blazer, in a duel. And so begins his fight to the top!

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Title: Management of Novice Alchemist (Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei) novels
Author: Mizuho Itsuki (story), fuumi (art)
Release Date: Part 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Sarasa, a newly graduated state alchemist, has been gifted a shop of her very own by her master. The catch is…it’s an abandoned building on the frontier! She sets out on the journey there, dreaming of the elegant life that awaits her as a shop owner, but she’s quickly disappointed to learn just how much of a fixer-upper the place really is.

Still, even if she’s not thrilled with the rustic location, she’s got a shop to run or she Won‘t be able to make a living! Surrounded by cute part-timers and kindly villagers, Sarasa is determined to stand on her own as an alchemist.

This laid-back story of a magical work life is now open for business!

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Title: The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases (Dekisokonai to Yobareta Moto Eiyū wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihōsareta node Suki Katte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita) novels
Author: Shin Kouduki (story), Chocoan (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Deemed a “good-for-nothing” for his low level and lack of a god-given Gift, Allen is stripped of his noble status and banished from the Duchy of Westfeldt. But Allen has a secret: he was a great hero in a previous life, and he’s thrilled for the chance to finally live the way he pleases!

His drama-free existence, however, is soon interrupted by a desperate encounter with his ex-fiancée. As a former hero who still possesses the incredible powers from his past life, Allen can’t ignore someone in need—no matter how much he might
like to!

And so begins the new heroic saga our former hero never wanted!

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Title: Nia Liston: The Merciless Maiden (Kyōran Reijō Nia Liston) novels
Author: Umikaze Minamino (story), JISHAKU (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: A great hero lies undefeated on her deathbed, regretting that she never found a foe who could take her down. She never intended to meet her fate anywhere other than on the battlefield, and her peaceful demise has her wishing desperately that things could have been different…

But when she suddenly comes to in the body of the young, frail Nia Liston, she’s got an all-new fight ahead of her. Nia is a sickly child, meaning she has a long way to go before she’s in fighting form. Now that she’s been given a second shot at life, however, she’s determined to get what she wants. She’s going to live—and die—for battle this time!
Make way for the Merciless Maiden!

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Title: The Exiled Noble Rises as the Holy King: Befriending Fluffy Beasts and a Holy Maiden with My Ultimate Cheat Skill! (Tsuihō Kizoku wa Saikyō Skill “Seiō” de Henkyō kara Nariagaru: Haikyōsha ni Nintei Sareta Ore da kedo Cheat Skill de Mofumofu mo Seijo mo Nakama ni Shichaimashita) novels
Author: Yū Okano (story), TAPIOCA (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Noah used to have it good as the son of a duke. But when the almighty state religion excommunicates him, he’s suddenly tossed into a monster-infested forest in the middle of nowhere! Young and inexperienced, his odds of survival are grim. His only hope is if he can master his unique “Holy King” skill, which gives him the power to recruit monsters and humans alike—and make their skills his own.

Thankfully, Noah’s a natural-born leader in the making. He quickly assembles a whole host of fluffy underdog friends, and he’s now determined to build them a safe haven away from civilization. Lying low, however, Won‘t be easy with the Church of Astral’s best assassin on his trail. The Holy Maiden of Swords is out for blood, and the one thing that might stop her in her tracks is…falling in love at first sight?!

In a magical world where nothing is certain, can Noah learn who to trust? Will his curious “Holy King” skill be a gateway to glory or a tragic fall? Find out in this fun-filled adventure!

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Title: The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power: Forget My Sister! Turns Out I Was the Real Saint All Along! (Mujikaku Seijo wa Kyō mo Muishiki ni Chikara o Tare Nagasu) novels (under J-Novel Heart label)
Author: Almond (story), Yoshiro Ambe (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Lady Carolina, the overlooked daughter of a powerful duke, has always believed herself to be the black sheep amid her illustrious kin. Her father is the distinguished prime minister; her elder sister, a prodigious mage destined to become their nation’s next Saint. In comparison, Carolina resigns herself to a quiet existence in their shadows until a sudden and unexpected royal decree alters her destiny, thrusting her into a political marriage with the formidable “Bloodthirsty Prince” of the neighboring Empire of Malcosias.

Determined to prove her worth, Carolina takes a bold step into a world fraught with both political and mortal peril. As royal obligations intertwine with hints of true love and the stirrings of her own latent power, Carolina moves ever closer to understanding what it truly means to be exceptional.

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Title: The Otome Heroine’s Fight for Survival (Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyō Survival) novels
Author: Biyori Harunohi (story), Yu Hitaki (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Orphaned by a monster attack on her village, young Alicia spends three horrid years in an orphanage before finally running away. When she flees, however, Alicia has a violent encounter with an older woman hell-bent on killing her. During their tussle, she comes into contact with a strange crystal that bestows upon her a wealth of knowledge, transforming her from an innocent child into a cool and calculated planner.

Now aware that she was meant to be the protagonist of an otome game and disgusted with her supposed fate, Alicia
decides to take matters into her own hands and become strong—by any means necessary. Using her newfound knowledge, and with some help from a stranger she meets in the woods, she learns to survive by herself in a world far too harsh and unforgiving for a girl her age. Ready or not, she’s determined to carve her own path.

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Title: The Water Magician (Suizokusei no Mahōtsukai) novels
Author: Tadashi Kubō (story), Nokito (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of Arc 1: Volume 1 available now
Summary: Ryo is delighted to be reincarnated into the fantastical world of Phi, where he thinks he’ll get to live a quiet life
learning to use his newfound water magic. Going with the flow here, however, means something very different. Ryo is immediately pitted against the wild lands he winds up in and the slew of deadly monsters that call the remote subcontinent home.

You’d think he’d forget about taking it easy when he’s stuck fighting for his life, but lucky for Ryo, he’s naturally
optimistic, clever, and blessed with the hidden “Eternal Youth” trait. Twenty years pass in the blink of an eye, and each encounter along the way pushes him one step closer to the pinnacle of human magic. Little does he realize that’s only the opening chapter of his tale. A fateful meeting soon thrusts Ryo to the forefront of history, forever changing the course of his life…

Thus begins the adventures of the strongest water magician the world has ever seen—who also likes to do things at his own pace!

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Title: Sword Saint Adel’s Second Chance (Ken Seijo Adel no Yarinaoshi) novels
Author: Hayaken (story), Unapoppo (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Blind swordmaster Adel personally put an end to the Great War engulfing the continent in chaos. Though he uses it for good, his strength comes from his horrific past—the gruesome experiments performed on him and the countless battles to the death to prove his worth. It was the gentle compassion of Princess Euphinia that saved him, and Adel meant it fiercely when he swore to be by her side forever. So now, even with the war Won, he bitterly rues his failure to protect her when it mattered most.

Adel would give anything for a second chance to make things right, and he’s in luck. A mysterious being is about to offer him one wish, and he knows exactly what to ask for. He instantly finds himself transported to the past…as a beautiful woman! Prepared to make use of both his old abilities as a swordmaster and his newfound power as a Saint, Adel now leaps into action to change the course of history and save his beloved Princess Euphinia!

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Title: RVing My Way into Exile with My Beloved Cat: This Villainess Is Trippin’ (Akuyaku Reijō wa Camping Car de Tabi ni Deru ~ Aibyō to Mankitsu Suru Self Kokugai Tsuihō) novels (under J-Novel Heart label)
Author: Puni-chan (story), Canarinu (art)
Release Date: Parts 1 and 2 of volume 1 available now
Summary: When a video game-loving office worker reincarnates as Mizarie Kraphtia, the villainess of an otome game, she’s determined to have a better life than the original character. Yet despite her best efforts, the game self-corrects and leads Mizarie to an ending where she’s sentenced to exile—just what she was hoping to avoid. There’s a twist, however: She had no idea her game-breaking skill could summon a…modern RV?!

Mizarie now decides to make the most of her exile and sets out on a journey with her beloved cat, Ohagi. Not only does she get to drive around the world, but she gains experience as she goes, unlocking convenient features like a bathroom, kitchen, and more for her RV! Lighting campfires and cooking outdoors like she always dreamed of doing in her last life, Mizarie takes her time exploring this new fantastical setting with her adorable feline travel companion.

Her storyline in the otome game may be over, but her leisurely vacation in exile is just getting started!

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Title: Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig- (Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro) manga
Author: Minami with original work by Takuma Sakai
Release Date: Chapter 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: A run-of-the-mill otaku collapses from stomach pain after eating raw pig liver and wakes up in a whole new world—as a pig, of all things! He’s helplessly trapped in his pen until Jess, a girl who can read minds, rescues him. Our porcine hero will have to work to keep his boar-ish thoughts to himself. But sweet Jess isn’t deterred. In fact, she wants to spoil this little piggy rotten! By her side, it seems like life as a hog might not be so bad after all!

For our pig protagonist to transform back into a human, he must head to the capital and appeal to the king. Jess offers to go with him, kicking off the start of their cutesy, fluffy adventure! But while preparing for their journey, what seems like a harmless shopping trip quickly gets out of hand, revealing the dark side of this world hidden beneath its peaceful facade. What can a mere pig with no special powers do to protect his angelic savior?

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Title: Duchess in the Attic (Yane Urabeya no Koshaku Fujin) manga (under J-Novel Heart label)
Author: Maki Hayashi (story), Mori (art)
Release Date: Chapter 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: On the night of her high society debut, an unknown culprit assaulted Countess Opal. That single incident led to the loss of her reputation among the nobility, and she has faced years of isolation and malicious gossip. Then, one day, she suddenly finds herself married off to Duke Hubert! It turns out he needs Opal’s family fortune to save himself from debt, despite his unsavory attitude towards her.

Opal’s newlywed life begins in a dusty old attic. Hubert’s mansion is full of hostility for his new bride, and even the staff
begin to bully her and spread rumors. On top of that, Hubert’s childhood friend, a young woman called Stella, already resides in the mansion, and everyone utterly adores her! Forbidden from helping to manage the duchy, the stubborn Opal decides to take matters into her own hands. Looked down upon and underestimated, she formulates a plan to outsmart them all. The new duchess’s brilliant reversal of fortunes begins in the attic!

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Title: The Water Magician (Suizokusei no Mahōtsukai) manga
Author: Bokutengo with original work by Tadashi Kubō
Release Date: Chapter 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Upon being reincarnated into a fantasy world, Ryo wants to live out his days in peace with his newfound water magic. He can only conjure a cupful at a time, but it’s enough to eek out a comfortable existence—or so he thought. The powers that be cast him into the wild outlands with nothing more than a humble shack, a single knife, some food…and abilities that are yet beyond his comprehension. The area is overrun by monsters and there’s nary another human in sight. Ryo must now figure out how to survive above all else, but he’s ready to take bulls, boars, and a whole host of other monsters by the horns if it means seizing the life he wants for himself.

Each new victory brings a new challenge, but what could a fateful encounter with a headless horseman, a dragon, and a castaway swordsman have in common? They’re the first steps on a grand journey that will take Ryo beyond the borders of all he knows to become the greatest water magician the world has ever seen—one adventure at a time.

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Title: Through the Viewport: Child of a Ruined World (Shūmatsu Sekai no Hakoiri Musume) manga
Author: miaawa
Release Date: Chapter 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Long after the fall of humanity, the world lies in ruin. Factions of autonomous war machines, monstrous biological weapons, and other horrors of a bygone era battle it out in the remains of the society that created them, their conflicts endless and seemingly meaningless—until, that is, a machine finds its own meaning in the form of a human child.

That machine, Humanoid Mobile Weapons Unit Number Ten, develops a fiercely protective bond with the child, and soon the two of them set out on a journey together. Their mission: to search for other human survivors, to deliver the child to her people…and to enjoy the trip for all they’re worth!

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Title: A Livid Lady’s Guide to Getting Even: How I Crushed My Homeland with My Mighty Grimoires (Buchigire Reijō wa Hōfuku wo Chikaimashita. ~Madōsho no Chikara de Sokoku wo Tataki Tsubushimasu~) manga (under J-Novel Heart label)
Author: Imo Ōno with original work by Hagure Metabo
Release Date: Chapter 1 of volume 1 available now
Summary: Elizabeth Leiston, the daughter of Haldoria’s powerful prime minister, is the picture of a refined noble lady and the perfect future queen. But when her fiancé publicly humiliates her, calls off their engagement, and starts spreading nasty rumors about her, Elizabeth reaches her breaking point.

Why should her only friend be her loyal maid, and why should she continue to serve a country that doesn’t respect her? Elizabeth concludes she Won‘t stand it any longer and will bring down the kingdom, even if it’s the last thing she does! As such, she uses her quick wit and, more importantly, her seven magic grimoires to embark on a quest for revenge. And let her tell you, there will be hell to pay!

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