8 Signs Jason Oppenheim’s Still In Love With Chrishell Stause


  • Jason Oppenheim still has unresolved feelings for Chrishell Stause, despite being in a new relationship with Marie-Lou Nurk.
  • Jason may be intentionally causing drama by pitting Chrishell and Marie-Lou against each other, possibly to make himself feel important.
  • The strained dynamic between Jason, Chrishell, and Marie-Lou’s causing tension and conflict, and it’s clear that Jason’s bond with Marie-Lou is weak.

Note: This article contains possible spoilers!!!

Selling Sunset season 7 stars Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause broke up because he didn’t want to be a father – now, it seems like Jason has regrets. He’s moved on with Marie-Lou Nurk, but based on some subtle signs, he’s not over Chrishell. When castmates compared the two women, Chrishell got glowing praise. She was described as a womanly “smoke show,” while Marie-Lou’s perceived as one of Jason’s disposable and immature love interests.

In Selling Sunset season 7, The Oppenheim Group’s preparing to move into new LA digs, and Jason’s excited about the change. However, he hasn’t stopped looking back. Something’s hanging over Jason and making it hard for him to move on. That “something” is a former soap queen-turned-realtor (Chrishell). She used to put him on a pedestal. Now, her attitude’s very different, and while that shouldn’t matter to Jason, it does. As he navigates his new normal, his girlfriend Marie-Lou senses trouble. She’s acting out because she’s threatened by Chrishell.

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8 Jason Oppenheim Can’t Stay Away From Chrishell Stause

Marie-Lou and reality TV show star Chrishell don’t get along, and a wiser man would keep the two women apart. Instead, perversely, Jason keeps forcing them to interact. He seems to be on some kind of power trip. By putting the two females together, he may feel more powerful. Jason’s Instagram (as shown above) tells a story. He’s seated right next to Chrishell, almost as though she’s his romantic partner rather than a co-worker. He captioned his post:

His girlfriend wasn’t in the picture. Marie-Lou probably didn’t enjoy seeing this image when it went live. In the ongoing installment, Jason’s got his ex catering to his new girlfriend even though she doesn’t want to. Meanwhile, Marie-Lou’s trying to find common ground with Chrishell, whom she’d surely rather avoid. This tense dynamic’s driving so much drama, and that may be the real reason why Jason’s pushing the women to be friends. However, another possibility is that he’s still in love with Chrishell.

There’s something so egotistical about Jason’s need to have his cake and eat it too. With a narcissistic personality, there’s often “triangulation.” The narcissist feeds on drama and intentionally creates situations where people will fight over them. When they create a triangle featuring an ex and a current love interest, they’re “triangulating.” Then, they can sit back and watch two people clash over them. That may make them feel important. Even if he’s not consciously “triangulating,” it’s possible that Jason enjoys the fireworks.

Jason may enjoy this bizarre love triangle. He might want to make both women feel jealous.

7 Jason’s Pitting His Ex Chrishell Against His Girlfriend Marie-Lou

However, his feelings for his ex Chrishell may be very real. If they are, he’s not doing himself any favors. Pitting an ex and current girlfriend against each other’s just a bad idea. A clip of Chrishell and Marie-Lou clashing’s shown above, as per ExtraTV at YouTube. Those arguments are bound to backfire on him in the end.

All Chrishell wants is freedom – she wants out of Jason’s mess. She’s willing to stop being friends with him to achieve that goal. Meanwhile, he’s inflaming his current love interest. The situation is hopeless, and it should never have happened. While the women could attend functions together and say “hi,” their relationship doesn’t need to go any deeper than that.

6 Jason Oppenheim Keeps Complimenting Chrishell Stause

Under the guise of everyday politeness, Jason keeps complimenting his ex. One example is when he told Chrishell that she looked, “cute” while she was sitting at her Oppenheim Group desk. Even his blandest compliments could be perceived as flirting. He seems to turn into a stuttering fool around Chrishell. It’s actually hard to watch. Jason smiles too much.

Jason’s an Aries who was born on April 12, 1977. This rugged sign isn’t very good at hiding feelings, in contrast to its opposite sign, Libra, which is very refined and diplomatic. Aries is the zodiac’s “newborn.” As the first sign, Aries can be a bit of a baby. When an Aries sees something they want, they try to grab it. Picture an infant reaching for a shiny toy and you’ll get the general idea. Cancer Chrishell Stause (as per Astroseek) isn’t the best match for Jason. Cancers are determined like Aries, but Cancers are much more intuitive.

Aries is about action. Cancer’s about connection. So, it’s probably best that the two aren’t together. While any two signs can be happy, Jason’s too selfish and impulsive for Chrishell. She needs someone who values home and hearth. Of course, she wants children. It was very sad when Chrishell had to deal with an ovarian cyst during the season. She needed surgery, and that surely frightened her. She would have been worried about cancer, and also, a reproductive organ was impacted. This could have triggered a lot of fears about fertility.

Luckily, her cyst wasn’t cancerous. She gets lots of love from her spouse, G Flip. She can have the life she wants with that person. While Jason will smile and flatter, he won’t deliver the emotional security she wants. He won’t give her children. Jason and Chrishell hit an impasse, but that’s good, because their stalemate eventually led them to other partners. Chrishell clearly understands that Jason wasn’t right for her. From the looks of it, he hasn’t been able to achieve that kind of acceptance yet.

5 Sometimes, Jason Looks Sad While He’s Staring At Chrishell

Chrishell Stause wearing a red dress in Selling Sunset season 5 reunion

When he’s staring at Chrishell, which he does so often, Jason occasionally looks sad. He gets a wistful look on his face which seems to telegraph the fact that something’s going on under the surface. Other people have noticed that he appears to care too much about Chrishell. Co-workers have said that they think he’s got feelings for her. One stated that they’d never seen him so in love as he was with her.

These comments are telling. Some of the people Jason works with have known him for years. They’ve seen him with a ton of women. He’s a womanizer who loves them and leaves them. Typically, the women are a lot younger than he is. With Chrishell, who was closer to his age, things got a lot more complicated. She gave him an ultimatum, and in general, when one half of a relationship has to do that, it’s a very bad sign. Ultimatums shouldn’t be necessary.

4 Jason Did Consider Having Kids With Chrishell

Chrishell Stause wearing a white dress and smiling on Selling Sunset

However, Jason didn’t bail out after the ultimatum. She wanted kids, he didn’t, but he considered becoming a father for her. In the end, he couldn’t sacrifice his freedom, and she left him. He may have wanted to stay with her forever, provided there were no children. If so, he may find that the way the relationship ended was extremely painful.

People shouldn’t have kids if they don’t want them, so he wasn’t wrong to stick to his guns. However, she’s quite clear about wanting kids, and since Chrishell’s goal-oriented, she’s likely to become a mother. She and G Flip could adopt or partner up with a surrogate. Actually, either she or G Flip could conceive with the help of a sperm donor. They have a lot of options.

What if Jason thought Chrishell was the perfect woman, except for the “kids” thing? That would be very tough for him. Now, he has to see her happy with someone else. He pretends to be ok, but his expressions and body language tell a different story. It’s not impossible that he’s still deeply in love with Chrishell. He’ll never get her back.

3 Jason Won’t Take Marie-Lou’s Side Over Chrishell’s

Jason Oppenheim looking serious in Selling Sunset

In the season, Marie-Lou and Chrishell are basically at war. There’s no reason why it should have come to this. Jason bears the responsibility for fueling this pointless conflict.

Marie-Lou thinks Chrishell mistreats her, but it’s all in her head. Cameras showed Chrishell warmly greeting the younger woman, and even hugging her. Sure, Chrishell didn’t sit down for heart to hearts regularly, but why should she? She sensed that Marie-Lou hated it when she was around. She heard her crying in the background during a phone call. Chrishell believed that Marie-Lou didn’t want her at a group meal they were planning while they were on vacation.

Marie-Lou never holds herself accountable. She puts pressure on Chrishell (who’s no stranger to feuds). Chrishell just wants to detach. It’s all so cringe. Chrishell’s changing, but people expect her to be exactly the same, and she can’t do it. She’s grown as a person, and appears to have outgrown Jason. At the same time, she still treats him with respect, even when his whining girlfriend makes her feel like she’s, “losing brain cells,” as per the show.

Jason never quite takes Marie-Lou’s side. That’s probably because he knows that she’s in the wrong. However, as his girlfriend, she undoubtedly expects total loyalty. This powder keg of a situation is a recipe for misery. It’s easy to predict the end of Jason and Marie-Lou’s relationship, just based on what’s unfolding onscreen. It’s not a healthy romance for so many valid reasons.

2 Jason Oppenheim’s Bond With Marie-Lou Seems Weak

Offscreen (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!), Marie-Lou doesn’t seem to be a part of Jason’s life. She was spotted with another man on Instagram, as seen above. While she didn’t post a caption, she did add a heart emoji. Without saying a word, she was letting the world know that she has someone else, or so it seems.

Onscreen, Jason’s bond with Marie-Lou doesn’t seem that strong. Onscreen, they mostly get along. However, she’s much younger than her partner, and Marie-Lou seems very insecure. If she was more confident, it would be easier for her to get along with Chrishell, who is very confident. Chrishell’s lived a lot of life already and knows who she is.

Chrishell’s fully moved on, accepting that the past is over. She’s got a “wusband” that she adores and a life that she loves. She’s not so consumed with Jason and Marie-Lou. However, Jason can’t stop pulling her into his drama. She’s made it abundantly clear that she’s not emotional about the two of them. Nonetheless, she has to deal with their outbursts daily. That must be so boring.

1 Jason Oppenheim Won’t Let Chrishell Stause Detach

Does Chrishell have to write it in the sky? Does she need to take out a billboard on Sunset Boulevard that says, “I don’t care?” They make it seem that way. That begs the question, “What kind of game is Jason playing?” The answer may be simple – he can’t stop interacting with Chrishell because he wants to maintain his connection. Why is anyone’s guess, but love might be the most logical reason why.

There’s a fine line between love and hate. People can bond because they’re in love or because they loathe one another. In this case, the bond should be broken, at least temporarily. It’s an unhealthy bond that’s hurting Marie-Lou. It’s not good for Jason either, as it keeps him from moving on emotionally. Chrishell’s always there, making him think about the past.

If Jason were stronger, he’d just let go. If Marie-Lou was stronger, she’s create boundaries that Jason couldn’t break. In this situation, boundaries could change everything, and Chrishell’s trying to build those boundaries. She’s had it and just wants a professional relationship with Jason. The rest is tedious to her. The fact that Jason resists her, pushing for unwanted contact, is troubling.

On Selling Sunset, Marie-Lou’s starting to come off as erratic and unhinged. She’s not totally rational about Chrishell. Marie-Lou says things that aren’t true, trying to paint Los Angeles fashionista Chrishell as a villain. However, Chrishell’s never said an unkind word to her. Usually, it’s the ex-girlfriend who acts out. In this twisted situation, it’s the current love interest who’s lashing out. Something is very wrong here, and it’s all Jason’s fault.

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